Keith Horn named outstanding Husky golfer

Junior Keith Horn was named outstanding golfer for the year at the annual SHHS golf dessert Tuesday evening.

Horn led the Huskies as low man several times.

Coach Tom Horn said the boys shot their second lowest score in the last seven seasons and fnished second in two tournaments, Mallard Creek and Creekside.

“Everyone in the program had a lifetime best this season at one point or another,” Coach Horn said.

The Huskies finished fourth in the league.

“Golf is a viable and valuable program for Sweet Home High School,” Coach Horn said. “It’s a sport that will last a lifetime.”

Coach Horn said his goal is to take the Huskies for “worst to first” in the league and qualify to play in the state meet.

“Our players gave us a very strong effort,” Coach Horn said. “Golf is an extremely frustrating and challenging game to play. We appreciate these young men and women.”

The Huskies shot a 332 in one tournament, a good score considering the state quality teams shoot somewhere in the 320 range.

First year letters went to Kenny Jones and Kyle Temple. Second year: Scott Gagner, Jared Burcham and Ricky Howe. Third year: Chad Emmert and Keith Horn.

Certificates went to underclassmen Leon Vineyard and Clint Moran.

Coach Horn encouraged his players to keep their golf clubs swinging this summer.

The girls squad field a full team every match, Coach Jason Gorham said, an improvement over recent years.

“We beat North Marion four of six times and finished ahead of North Marion in the league standings,” Coach Gorham said. “Every girl lowered her score by the end of the season.”

First year letters went to Abby Knight, Ashley Rice, Britney Zorna, Laura Romandia, Oakley Tyler and Lisa Wiens. Megan Foucht earned a second year letter.

The Husky girls shot an 1140 at the recent district match. Molalla took the tournament with a 690. Sisters shot an 875, Cascade, 886, Stayton, 887, Central, 903 and North Marion 1168.

Ashley Rice was low for the Huskies and shot a 266. She was followed by Megan Foucht with a 281, Abby Knight with a 282 and Lisa Wiens with a 311.

Tournament medalist was Lauren Beyer of Molalla with a 156. Darcie Yee of Stayton shot a 183, Krista Pagana of Sisters had a 187, Megan Watkins of Central shot a 196, Ashley Bucheit of JFK shot a 218 and Ali Waggerby of North Marion shot a 259.

“Molalla really dominated the match, winning their 10th straight district title,” Coach Gorham said. “I was happy with our scores for being such a young group. We have four freshmen coming back next year so the future of our program is looking up.”

Sisters swept the boys tournament, shooting a 607. Stayton was second with a 725, North Marion third with a 739, Molalla, 748, Cascade, 749, Central 760 and Sweet Home 768.

Keith Horn was low for the Huskies shooting a 90-89-179; Scott Gagner shot 101-97-198. Jarrod Burcham shot 105-91-196; Ricky Howe shot 101-100-201; Kenny Jones shot a 109 front and Chad Emmert a 94 backside.

Jon Green of Sisters took the medal with a 75-72-147 low. He was followed by Christian Green of Sisters with a 148 and David Green of Sisters with a 152.

“This was a disappointing finish to a respectable season,” Coach Horn said. “We played badly our first day. The wind was up to 35 mph and it snowed the first hour of the day. Miserable conditions. We just didn’t step up.”

The Huskies were in last place after the first day with a 397 and played better the second day, coming in fourth overall with a 371.

Keith Horn placed seventh overall with the top five going to state.

“Keith can play with the best golfers in the league on any given day,” Coach Horn said. “He needs to be more consistant.”