Letters to the Editor – October 18, 2023 Edition

Dear Editor,

Here is another way to look at Linn County’s requirements for new driveways. Other areas have been there, done that.

After many years of requiring paved surfaces, government officials in urban areas are dealing with the consequences. Facing the challenges of drought, energy shortages, and rising temperatures, they have new recommendations for homeowners and businesses.

#1 If the rain falls on your property, keep it on your property.

Eliminate rainwater runoff by replacing hard surfaces with permeable ones that let rainwater soak into the ground. That reduces the load on sewer systems and raises water tables to help cope with drought.

Eliminating paved driveways in favor of gravel is an easy way to do that and much cheaper than substituting permeable pavers. (Of course, if you already have a gravel driveway, keep it.)

Cut out ribbons of concrete from patios and replace them with gravel or groundcover. Require all parking lots to have similar ribbons and/or soakaway pits.

It’s not too late for Linn County to learn from the experience of others rather than make the same mistakes and learn the hard way.

Karen Cranston


Dear Editor,

Raised here out on what is now called Pleasant Valley Rd, which used to go on up to Marks Ridge. It was the Beulah Land area when we went to our own one room school out there along the river. Moved away after graduation in 1960. I returned from my years away to come back home. The old family place is still there, no house anymore. I did find a place to rent and settle down in just around the corner from the old place and across the field from where the school house used to be.

Sweet Home is my home town again. However since I still drive truck part time I miss out on the activities and celebrations sometimes. I get my paper so I can read about things anyway.

So very grateful for Council member Sanchez for taking time out to physically go and help those in the Hawaiian fire. For all of our local people who extended their time and help on the Wiley Creek fire. For the lady whose name I do not remember (I am not home) who has taken her time and effort to support collecting the pull tabs to reach out to those who are struggling just to hang on.

We have many, many terrific citizens in our town!!

I do get to help sometimes when I am home and one of them is the opportunity to volunteer at the Fair Share food distribution on Mondays. The system is kept in order by the FDA rules and regulations so there are a lot of things to keep track of. The looming issue right now is the truck used to gather the food and get it back to Sweet Home is failing. The cost of replacement is more than Fair Share has available to them.

Is it possible for our citizens to step up and be a help to replace it? $10 from each family in town would make it possible to accomplish it. Each of you would be reaching out a helping hand to those who are on the edge and just need a hand up.

Thank you Sweet Home for living up to the name.

Bonnie J Neal

Sweet Home