Levies need our support


I moved to Sweet Home four years ago, happy to be near my family but concerned about being away from the conveniences of the city services I had. The two major services were the library and the police department. I was in for a surprise.

I found the library is a great place. It has more than 40,000 books, a large print collection of more than 1,000 volumes, more than 1,000 audio books, 1,700 videos and now more than 100 each of DVDs and CDs.

If the library doesn’t own a title I want, they graciously order it on interlibrary loan. My computer died, and I can use the computer at the library free by calling and scheduling a time.

How a little library can have 44 programs for children and make a name for itself as a library that runs one of the best summer reading programs in the state has to do with the staff, support of city offices and their active Friends of the Library. I am proud of my little library. It has a great staff who put people first, including children.

Though I haven’t needed to use the police services often, I have found them to be a very professional group, eager to do their job. In the past year, I had to report an accident where the other driver left the scene. The officer came immediately, sought out the other party and advised me on the procedure I needed to follow. He was most helpful.

I’m glad to see the police alerting neighborhoods of new residents who might need watching. I notice also that the police patrol the city looking for problems and assisting those in need. Thank you, Police Department.

Yes, I need to pay for these services. What a bargain I’m getting. On my $100,000 house I pay $62 per year for library services and $640 for police services. What a nice surprise to find I shall be paying the same next year. This levy is indeed a renewal, and it is not an increase. Goodness, I can only buy two new books a year for the amount I pay to support the library.

We all need to support our Sweet Home Library and Police Department. Mark your ballots yes on both questions and mail them or put them in the ballot bags at the Sweet Home Police Deparment or City Hall. Ballots are due by 8 p.m. on May 16.

Mary Calletto Rife

Sweet Home