Lindsey Hampton, B.J. Emmertare SHHS Junior First Citizens

Two outstanding SHHS seniors have been selected as Junior First Citizens for the 2000-01 school year.

Lindsey Hampton, 17, is the daughter of Bill and Chris Hampton of 1375 Fern Lane. B.J. Emmert, 18, is the son of Doug and Peggy Emmert of 2015 Elm.

“Both are exceptional candidates,” said Mark Risen, SHHS activities director. “The selection committee was impressed with all the candidates, they presented an outstanding pool of talent to draw from.”

Hampton brings “such a variety of background to the table including school, community and church” Coach Risen said. “She is so well-rounded as a person and has done so much in terms of giving back to the community.”

Emmert has also done much in the community and at school, Risen said.

“At school, B.J. has done so many different things. He’s a strong academic student. Both he and Lindsey possesses excellent leadership skills. They met all the criteria and are good role models.”

Both students called their selection “a great honor” and admitted their first question was the hardest of the interview process.

“They asked us ‘What is the value of family in modern American society’ which was unexpected,” Emmert said.

For Hampton, life’s greatest fulfillment is helping other people. She manifests that belief at her church, Community Chapel, where she teaches Sunday School.

“I like to teach people about Christ and do odd jobs to help people out,” Hampton said.

Emmert says he is committed to giving back to a community that has given him so much over the years.

“Today, there are lots of people who tend to take and take, but don’t give back. I like to give back,” Emmert said.

Living in a small town and attending a small high school has its rewards, both students said.

“I like being able to get involved and to know people through sports and as a student body officer,” Hampton said. “This is four years you’ll never get back again.”

“I totally agree with what Lindsey said,” Emmert chipped in.

Hampton’s greatest achievement in high school has been accepting Christ during her sophomore year.

“It changed my life. I have a way different outlook on life today,” she said.

“I’ve been a Christian all my life,” Emmert said. “I think having so many friends, meeting new people and making new friends also changes your life for the better.”

Both students plan to attend college, although are undecided about where. Hampton is considering a degree in fashion merchandising and Emmert is looking into education or the law.

“I would like to play football wherever I go,” Emmert added.

Both students have excelled in and outside of school walls.

A few of Hampton’s many activities include: clean up days at SHHS and Fishermen’s Bend, helped at Camp Attitude, attend Community Chapel/Youth Group and teach Sunday School. She volunteers at the church office, attends weekly prayer group and more.

At school she has been a member of the class board, student council, student body manager, yearbook and newspaper staff, yearbook editor, Josai exchange, Young Voices Team writer, National Honor Society, volleyball, softball, soccer, wrestling statistics keeper, winter formal, May Week, Prom and Homecoming committees, Thanksgiving baskets etc.

She has worked at McDonalds, the Hong Kong, Thriftway and District 55 office.

Her hobbies include photography, snowboarding, drawing, journalism and making candles.

Emmert has volunteered at the Oregon Jamboree, moved furniture for the new Boys and Girls Club, has volunteered to coach numerous activities, helped at Camp Attitude.

He attends the Community Chapel Youth Group, helps with the Youth Building and Youth Conferences, and has participated in several outreach projects.

Emmert is Student Body second vice president, has attends several leadership camps and clean up leadership projects, co-chaired the May Week track meet, has served as class officer three years, and has been a member of the varsity football, basketball and baseball teams.

He enjoys sports, camping, model trains, movies and reading.

What’s next?

The local Junior First Citizens will compete at the county level on October 17 at the Lebanon Boys and Girls Club.

On November 7 they will be guest of the Albany Rotary Club luncheon where the county junior first citizens will be announced.

All of the students are invited to participate in the Veteran’s Day parade at 9 a.m. Nov. 11 in Albany.

In April, they will be invited to tour the State Capitol.