‘Log’ on wire knocks out power

A pre-dawn power outage knocked out electricity to 2,300 Sweet Home residents for several hours Tuesday, Dec. 20, according to Pacific Power.

Spokesman Tom Gauntt said the outage was caused by a log that repair crews found lying across wires near the corner of 18th Avenue and Spruce Street.

The outage was reported at 6:48 a.m. Power was out east of 18th Avenue, particularly along Main Street.

Gauntt said the whole situation was odd.

“We think somebody had to have thrown a good-sized chunk of log onto the wires,” he said. “It caused fuses and insulator and all kinds of things to blow.”

As The New Era went to press Tuesday, Gauntt said it looked like power would be restored about 11:30 a.m.

“We can say what happened – there’s the log. There’s the wire,” he said. “I can say that Santa is not a suspect.”