Loggers lose opening game

The East Linn Loggers sustained three opposing touchdowns in their first outing this season, losing 22-0 at home to the Santiam Stallions of Stayton.

All three were scored in the first half, Coach Jesse Garcia said. The team made a couple of mistakes in the first half, giving up two touchdowns when passes went over rookie cornerbacks.

“My defense has always been and probably always will be a force,” Garcia said. Loggers defense is fast and talented. Once the defense dug in during the second half, the Stallions were unable to score again and had a hard time even moving the ball.

Prior to the game, both teams took the field to salute Justin Terhurst, a Logger who is fighting cancer. In his honor, all teams in the league are wearing his number on their helmets.

The Loggers are planning fund-raising efforts to help him, Garcia said. He qualified for disability but not medical coverage.

For more information about the Loggers, who can still accept new players, or to help Terhurst, call Garcia at 401-3641.

The Loggers play at home at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday at Husky Field.