Meet 2007 Rodeo Court Candidate Brandy Young

Brandy G. Young is one of five candidates for Sweet Home Rodeo Queen.

Young, 17, is in her second year at Linn-Benton Community College majoring in equine science. She lives with her guardian, Trudee Balester. She has one brother, R.J. Young, 15.

She says she enjoys anything involving horses, listening to country music, helping out at her friend’s barn and spending time with her family while riding down beautiful Oregon trails.

She helps run Moonfilly Rescues, which includes everything from stalls to riding and training. She also trains horses for Lewis and Nancy Workman.

“As a little girl, I always wanted to be the queen on her beautiful horse and those shiny clothes,” she said. “I also enjoy having a purpose each day, and representing Sweet Home as rodeo queen would be an honor.

“I have had many fun experiences in Sweet Home during Sportsman’s Holiday weekend and am hoping to be more a part of it than just a spectator.”

Young was raised on a cattle ranch in Durkee and has always had horses. She has always been interested in rodeo, and as a small child won a few mutton bustin’ buckles.

“I’ve never helped at the Sweet Home Rodeo, but I do attend each year and enjoy it very much,” she said. “I love the rush of each sport, the smell of sweat, fur and occasionally fear during the rough stock events. I also enjoy the timed events because it’s all in the luck you have that particular run.

“Rodeo is a true blue American sport. I enjoy the pride taken in rodeo.

“I enjoy explaining the idea and rules of rodeo to people and watching their faces while each event is going on. I love to go out and represent something as down to earth as rodeo. I would promote the rodeo all year to get people excited about it coming.

“I enjoy Sweet Home’s Sportsman’s Holiday weekend and would be proud to promote Sweet Home by putting my best foot forward.

“The thing I love most about Sweet Home is the location, all the beautiful scenery and the nice country people who reside in and around Sweet Home.”

The selection of the rodeo queen and her two-member court will be at a steak dinner at 5 p.m. on Jan. 20 at the Elks Lodge. Tickets are available at the door or by calling coordinator Elizabeth Fitzsimons at 401-5911.