Meet the Court: 2019 Sportsman’s Holiday Princess Makayla

Sportsman’s Holiday Court Princess Makayla Griffin’s goal is to represent her community in the best light she can.

Griffin, 17, is the daughter of Jennifer Walczyk and Jeramie Griffin. She has seven siblings. She lives with three of them.

Griffin will be a senior in the fall at Sweet Home High School. After graduation she plans to attend Western Oregon University and then go into a medical field. She is leaning toward psychology or pediatrics.

“I love art and the outdoors,” Griffin said. “I love to try new things and see if I like an activity before I judge.”

In high school, she has participated in track for two years, winning the Most Inspirational award. She also is a cheerleader and a part of the school’s Health Occupations Club, where members learn more about the medical field.

Griffin has lived in Sweet Home since first grade. She had family in Sweet Home before that, so she had spent time here prior to moving to the community.

“I like how everyone is willing to help and pitch in their part,” she said. “When you need help, there is always someone willing to give you the help you need. And I like how everyone can come together to better our community and show what our town can be.”

For her, joining the Sportsman’s Holiday court is about representation, Griffin said. “If we can show our youth what it’s like to live in a town where we are all connected, then they will grow up having more respect for our little town. I want the kids to grow up knowing they can do anything they want if they just dream big enough, and that they will have a good support system.”

She is thankful for the opportunity to serve on the court, Griffin said. “It means the world to me. The role of being a princess comes with responsibility. It’s on me to represent my town in the best light that I can. And after everything this town gave me it’s my honor to be able to give a little back.”

Her favorite part of Sweet Home’s annual festival is seeing everyone come together, Griffin said.

“I remember going to the parade when I was younger. My whole family was there, and we just laughed and enjoyed ourselves. Having positive interactions with people in our community just brings a sense of trust and gratitude. Seeing such an impact is such an amazing experience.”