Minor damage result of log truck wreck

The westbound lanes of Main Street were closed on Aug. 21 when the reach on a Robert Rice Logging truck broke near the trailer.

Russell Westbrook, 37, of Sweet Home drove the truck from 18th onto Main Street at about 12:49 p.m. As he made the turn, the trailer broke away and a load of logs swung away from the truck. The logs came to rest against a power pole. One end of the load remained on the truck while the other end rested on Bill Van Valin Chevron’s driveway.

About five minutes earlier, Van Valin said, he had a solid line of cars the previous hour. Had the truck been earlier, there would have been cars in the way.

“As far as we know, it was just truck failure,” Sweet Home Police Officer Rex Bostrom said. There were no indications that the driver did anything wrong.

The accident caused minor damage to the concrete at the entry to the gas station and scraped the asphalt in the highway, Officer Bostrom said.

Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Transportation assisted at the scene of the accident. The highway was opened after about two hours.