Mother and daughter conspire to get crafty with ostrich egg

Audrey Gomez

Does stealing with the intent to craft land you on the naughty list?

That was a risk Martha Hampton and her daughter Jessica Morrell were willing to take as they crafted a special gift for Jessica’s husband, Anthony Morrell.

“I took a little jet off my husband’s desk,” Morrell said. “He still doesn’t know it’s gone.”

The jet is the centerpiece for a decorative ostrich egg the mother and daughter created as a Christmas present for Anthony Morrell.

“They both love airplanes and make models,” Hampton said of her daughter and son-in-law.

The pair were married in a “Top Gun-” themed wedding in August at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.

The inside of the egg features the borrowed model airplane and the outside has wedding-day photos of Jessica and Anthony on either side of an airplane.

“It means a lot because she wanted to do it for us,” Morrell said.

Hampton still has the first decorative egg she created in the early 1980s. She made it for her husband Pat; it is displayed in their living room.

She has worked with many different types of eggs throughout the years – duck, goose, pheasant, quail – but this is her first ostrich egg.

“I didn’t expect the egg to be that darn big,” Morrell said. “It was an adventure to make it work.”

Ostrich eggs are about 6 inches in diameter.

“It’s heavy and thick,” Hampton said. “I don’t really worry about it breaking.”

The pair went through five Dremel blades to cut the opening for the display.

It’s about as thick as a nickel.

Instead of discarding the piece of shell that was cut from the egg, Hampton used it as a canvas for a small painting.

She has been painting since she took a trip to New Zealand and Australia with her mother many years ago.

“When I came back, I decided I would paint,” Hampton said.

She started with oils.

Hampton has tried many different types of crafts.

“If somebody else is doing it, I can do it too,” Hampton said. “I just do what makes me happy at the moment.”

Hampton used to do crafts with her mother and enjoyed working on this project with her daughter.

“My daughter and I had a lot of fun doing it together,” Hampton said.

Morrell cherishes the experience too.

“I’m really proud of her for doing something like this,” Morrell said. “I’m really excited for it to come home.”