My hero, my dad…

Kim Bell

In my life a lot of different people have seemed like heroes, but the person that has been a hero in my eyes for my whole life has been my dad, Jack Bell.

He is always there for me when I need him and when I need help with homework or something he uses his great knowledge to help me.

Also, when I need help with life in general, his knowledge about life helps me too. When I play sports he always tries to give me lots of encouragement. My dad likes to take our quads riding at the coast and when we do he always has lot of enthusiasm and has usually has quite a bit of patience. Something else I really admire about my dad is that he repects other people especially people that are older than him. Some other reasons I think my dad is a hero is he works a lot at his job, as a logger and then has to come home and usually work in our shop, but he always finds time to spend with his family.

So as you have seen my dad is a hero in a lot of different ways but the number one way, I think he is a hero is the way he has so mcuh to do, but always finds time to spend and do things with the people he loves and cares about the most.