Neighbor raising funds to assist ill teen’s family

Kellie Nave is asking the community to step up for Makayla Galster, who is one of two 13-year-old girls who have come down recently with strange illnesses.

“I know Makayla is doing awesome as of a half hour ago,” Nave said Friday afternoon.

But Sunday, she was taken to the hospital, said Debi Riggs, mother of Sadie Riggs, the first of the two girls to begin showing the symptoms. She didn’t have any further information on Monday

Symptoms have included headaches, stomach aches, twitching and seizures in the case of Sadie Riggs.

Sadie Riggs, also 13, has evidenced similar symptoms, along with seizures. Both were healthy girls, involved in athletics at Sweet Home Junior High, before they became ill.

Riggs has been home for a couple of weeks, said her mother Debi Riggs. “She’s getting stronger. She can’t walk and will have to learn how t do that again.”

Sadie Riggs has been diagnosed with a metabolic disorder, Debi Riggs said, although several parents note the similarity of symptoms and believe that a toxin is the culprit.

The girls hang out together at school, she said.

Previously diagnosed with a conversion disorder, which is typically caused by trauma, Nave said, another doctor thinks it may be another condition caused by a toxin.

That doctor was a chiropractice neurologist, Debi Riggs said, but no tests have been completed to substantiate a new diagnosis.

For the Galster family, money is an issue, said Nave, a neighbor and family friend. Makayla is undergoing outpatient treatment, including several trips to Doernbecher each week.

Nave wants to get some local support for the family.

On Saturday, July 10, Spoleto’s Pizzaria has agreed to a car wash, Nave said. A portion of the proceeds at the restaurant will be donated to the family.

The band October Rising is donating its time to play at the fund-raising event.

The car wash will get underway following the Frontier Sportsman’s Holiday Grand Parade, Nave said.

In addition to the car wash, Nave has set up the Makayla Galster Relief Fund at Wells Fargo. Donations may be given to the family through the account.

Green bracelets also are for sale for $1, and local merchants have donation jars set out for Makayla.

Nave also is trying to see if local merchants would be willing to donate gift cards for a raffle, she said.

A page has been set up under Makayla Galster Relief Fund, and Nave may be reached at [email protected].

“These people are stellar people,” Nave said of the Galster family. “When my son needed help, they stepped up to the plate.

“She is a very outgoing, loving, athletic girl. I just adore her.”