Painter’s generosity helps freshen up local church building

Sean C. Morgan

Sweet Home Christian Church, located at 18th and Long, started giving its building a facelift last year, and an area painter has helped keep the ball rolling inside the sanctuary this year.

“Every once in awhile, someone enters your life that makes a lasting impact that you know will be there for years to come,” said Pastor Dale Robinson. “That person, for me, is Randy David.”

David is the owner of DNB Painting, Inc., located between Albany and Lebanon. He attends church at First Assembly of God in Albany.

“I first met him several months ago when I was taking bids from several painting companies to get our church painted,” Robinson said. “I will never forget the Thursday morning that Randy showed up to look at the building and determine what it would take to restore our church to its former glory.”

The previous bid the church had received to paint the sanctuary was about $8,300.

“Amazingly, astonishingly, Randy offered to paint our church for free,” Robinson said. “Not just free labor, but he even paid for the paint.”

That’s remarkable in and of itself, he said. “What impressed me even more was Randy’s positive attitude despite severe back pain. After a disastrous back surgery a year or so ago, he has been forced to live with daily pain that none of us would want to endure.”

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he looks for opportunities to be used by God, Robinson said. “To Randy David, I say, ‘The world is a better place because of people like you.’”

Last year, the church installed new siding, Robinson said. It still has some painting and touch-up to finish the project.

“This year, we decided to focus on the inside,” Robinson said. That included new paint, carpet and seating.

The church’s pews were dilapidated, he said, and the church wanted a more modern style.

The church didn’t have the resources to do all of the work, he said. During one of its special Tuesday night concerts of prayer several months ago, it was high on the list of prayers. The church would have to make a choice between the seating or the paint.

Afterward, “he came in, and God moved on him,” Robinson said. “I was blown away. It was just amazing. It was crucial. His gift was so big. He gets nothing out of it. He didn’t want anybody to know he did it.”

The church will still need to postpone new carpet, Robinson said.

“We’re just trying to grow the church and make a place people feel good about,” Robinson said. “One thing we did this time that was different – we brought in an interior decorator (Design House), and she did a good job.”

Sweet Home Christian Church holds its weekly services at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday. A single Sunday School session begins at 9:30 a.m.

For more information about the church, call (541) 367-2094.