Pay wall goes up for

The New Era has installed the new paywall for

The reasons for this change were spelled out in a column written by Publisher Scott Swanson in July, entitled “Changes in their world forces same from newspapers.” It can be seen under the Opinion pull-down and is not blocked by the paywall.

Those who are already subscribing to the mailed edition of The New Era simply need to register a password by clicking on the “Subscribe” pull-down above and filling out the appropriate form, then hitting the “send” button when finished. The website, which will eventually include e-mailed alerts of headline stories and breaking news, along with preferred access to late sports news and photos, is included in the subscription paid by those already receiving the paper.

The cost for readers who simply want to see the website each week is $20 per year or $5 for a two-month trial subscription. To subscribe, pull down on the Subscribe button and fill out the first form. That form can also be used for regular subscribers who would like to renew.

For more information, contact Scott Swanson at (541) 367-2135 or [email protected].