Photographers invited to enter City Hall lobby contest

The Sweet Home Oregon Coalition for Artistic and Scholastic Enrichment is hosting a photography contest in search of a photo for use as a mural in the new City Hall lobby.

The SHOCASE Public Art Subcommittee is accepting up to five photos from photographers living within the boundaries of the Sweet Home School District, said Chris Chapman, a member of the committee. The photos should depict “what they feel best represents Sweet Home.”

The committee decided to use a contest to select the art “so more people can be involved,” said Diane Gerson, chairwoman of the Public Art Subcommittee.

Photographers must fill out an application and sign a release giving the city rights to the photos. The deadline to submit photos is May 20.

The SHOCASE Board of Directors will select their 10 favorites and submit them to the city manager, who will narrow the field to three.

City Council members will select the winner from among the final three photos. Photos will be submitted to the SHOCASE board, city manager and City Council without names.

Other photos may be displayed in City Hall and used for promotional purposes, Gerson said.

The minimum resolution must be at least 300 dpi at 8 inches by 12 inches, Chapman said, although 1,200 dpi is preferred.

The space is horizontal although the resolution leaves some “wiggle room,” Chapman said, and vertical photos may be used.

Photos should be submitted by email to [email protected]. To apply, visit

The contest is serving as a “soft test” for the committee’s upcoming art show, which is planned for Sportsman’s Holiday weekend in the new City Hall.