Rhys Birky, Sean Martin win four events at home swim

Rhys Birky and Sean Martin won four events Thursday to lead the Husky boys swim team to a Sweet Home Invitational win over five squads at Husky pool.

The Huskies scored 100 points with Woodburn the only close threat with 73 points. Silverton came in third with 49, Cascade had 56, Jefferson, 9 and Stayton, 1.

On the girls side, Cascade edged out the Huskies 86-75, followed by Stayton with 53, Silverton, 51, Woodburn, 32, and Jefferson, 9.

“I think we swam well,” said Birky who won the 200 I.M. and 100 breaststroke and then swam legs on the winning 200 medley relay and 400 free relay teams. Birky clocked a 2:11.40 in the 200 IM and a 1:09.06 in the 100 breast stroke.

“I had OK times for the beginning of the season,” Birky said. “I think my 100 breaststroke was the toughest race and my 200 I.M. was the easiest.”

Martin won the 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle races and was also on the winning 200 IM and 400 free relay squads. Martin clocked a 2:07.90 in the 200 free and 5:51.64 in the 500 freestyle.

“My times were near my bests but I’m not at my best yet,” Martin said.

Martin said the 500 freestyle race was tough because he lacked competition, which made it hard to push himself.

Coach Doug Peargin said his swimmers are a little tired going into the Christmas break.

“We don’t have a meet again until January, so now, we will put in a lot of yardage,” Peargin said. “We’re looking good as far as our strokes go, now we start to refine what the kids are doing. They will start understanding strategies behind the races they are in.”

Coach Peargin said his Huskies are looking better than expected in the first half of the season.

“We’ve got a lot of new kids without much experience, but what makes the difference is we don’t have a quitter on the team. Everyone competes with everything he or she has,” Peargin said.

Calendar: January 4, Sweet Home at Cascade, 4 p.m.

Girls Results: Cascade, 86; Sweet Home, 75; Stayton, 53; Silverton, 51; Woodburn, 32; Jefferson, 9.

200 medley relay: SHHS A, first, 2:06.42 (Yunke, Starha, Blank, Duncan); SHHS B, sixth, 2:26.37 (Jackson, VanCleave, Foucht, Fowler).

50 freestyle: Blank, third, 28.00; Dunca, fourth, 28.16.

100 butterfly: Foucht, third, 1:21.18.

100 freestyle: Blank, fourth, 1:01.95; Duncan, fifth, 1:05.80.

500 freestyle: Yunke, third, 6:35.79; VanCleave, sixth, 7:08.70.

200 free relay: SHHS, sixth, 2:10.05 (Foucht, Sieg, Jackson, VanCleave)

100 backstroke: Yunke, first, 1:12.22; Foucht, third, 1:14.60.

100 breast stroke: Starha, second, 1:20.09.

400 free relay: SHHS A, first, 4:22.23; SHHS B, fourth, 5:09.33.

Boys Results: Sweet Home, 100; Woodburn, 73; Silverton, 49; Cascade, 46; Jefferson, 9; Stayton, 1.

200 medley relay: SHHS A, first, 1:54.96 (Ecker, Birky, Cheek, Martin); SHHS B, sixth, 2:24.31 (Burford, Bate, Coulter, Caswell)

200 freestyle: Martin, first, 2:07.90; Burford, fifth, 2:19.82.

200 I.M.: Birky, first, 2:11.40; Coulter, fourth, 2:42.34.

50 freestyle: Bate, fourth, 26.83.

100 butterfly: Cheek, second, 1:03.53; Coulter, fifth, 1:11.96.

100 freestyle: Ecker, second, 58.37.

500 freestyle: Martin, first, 5:51.64; Burford, second, 6:29.37.

200 free relay: SHHS, third, 1:50.50 (Coulter, Bate, Ecker, Burford)

100 backstroke: Ecker, second, 1:03.87; Cheek, fourth, 1:08.12.

100 breast stroke: Birky, first, 1:09.06.

400 free relay: SHHS, first, 3:38.01 (Martin, Bate, Cheek, Birky)