S.H. woman pushes to help breast cancer effort

Group to help uninsured women with prevention

Colleen Maynard is leading an effort to fund routine testing for women who have no access to insurance.

Many women skip regular pap tests and mammograms because they don’t have medical insurance or do not qualify for the Oregon Health Plan.

“A group of caring people are wanting to start an organization to help fund uninsured women with some financial medical help,” Maynard said. “We are going to present this to the Sweet Home Community Foundation Board at their next meeting, hopefully to work with them on this issue.”

Maynard has already discussed the issue with Foundation board officers.

“I have a friend that is a waitress,” Maynard said. “She makes too much for the Oregon Health Plan. She works at a place that doesn’t offer insurance. She is a single mom. She can’t afford a lot of medical bills. She hasn’t had all of prevention medically probably since her son was born.

“There’s a lot of women in that group that uninsured, and they let medical prevention go by. I’m interested in helping them.”

Maynard is in the effort with two other persons at this point, including Mike Garron who helped her get going. She also has contacted Sen. Mae Yih and the Oregon Community Foundation, which referred her to Sweet Home Community Foundation.

Maynard is looking for volunteers to serve on a board and a committee to make decisions, develop fundraising efforts and run a screening process for applicants.

“(Prevention) is important,” Maynard said. “Every year, something can happen. “If you have it done every year, then you catch it early, then you can get something done about it.”

The organization would help women through School District 55, Maynard said. Potentially, the same kind of idea can be used to provide prevention for local men as well. The program is in its earliest stages, and a number of details remain to be worked out.

Persons interested in volunteering on a board or committee can reach Maynard at 367-2628 or [email protected]. She also is seeking input about the idea and encourages comments from members of the public.

The group will present the proposal to the Sweet Home Community Foundation at its meeting at 4 p.m. on July 25.