SHFAD Sharing Tree short on givers

Cassie Richey and Shannon Strubhar of the Sweet Home Volunteer Firefighters Association say the Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District needs more folks to pick up names from the Sharing Tree.

More than 200 names are left for shopping, Richey said.

The Sharing Tree has about an average number of names, Strubhar said. Distribution of gifts is still two weeks away, but the tree has a lot more tags left on it than it usually does at this point.

The Sharing Tree provides a way for people to donate gifts to needy children in the community. Donors pick up a name tag from the tree, shop for a gift and return it wrapped for distribution. The SHFAD Sharing Tree serves children up to age 12, and the Sweet Home Police Department’s Teen Blue Santa Christmas Tree serves children over 12.

Both operate in similar fashion. The deadline for returning gifts to the SHFAD tree is Dec. 11. Deadline for SHPD is Dec. 12.

For more information about the SHFAD Sharing Tree, call (541) 367-5882 or drop by the Fire Hall where the tree is located, at 1099 Long St. For more information about the SHPD tree, call (541) 367-5181 or drop by the Police Department where the tree is located, at 1950 Main St.