Soccer team closes season with 4-0 loss

Sisters defeated the Husky boys soccer team 4-0 to end the season on Oct. 21.

“I think, first, we played a very good game,” Coach Louis Dix said. “We made some crucial mistakes that cost us some points.”

For the season, the soccer team improved, Coach Dix said. For example, the team allowed 3.5 fewer points per game than last season.

“That was a huge improvement from last season to this season,” Coach Dix said. If the team can continue improving at that level, another two to three points per game, the Huskies should break even on total scoring over a season. “I was really happy with the way our kids played, participated.”

The coaching staff, Dix, Eric Stutzer and Eric Markell, are setting a goal to get more athletes involved in soccer outside the season, including indoor soccer programs, camps and spring soccer.

“For us to get to the next level, the kids have got put in extra time,” Coach Dix said.

The junior varsity boys tied Sisters 2-2 to end the season with three wins, two ties and seven losses.

The team has several good players, Coach Dix said. The remarkable thing about the junior varsity is that it is almost entirely made up of freshmen, who are consistently the smaller team on the field against teams of sophomores and juniors. On top of that, three starters were injured and unable to play the last six games of the season.

“Eric Stutzer and I were very happy with the way the kids performed,” Coach Dix said.