Softball team beats Newport by 10-run rule at home

Sweet Home 13, Newport 3

Emili Riggs hit a three-run homerun in the fifth inning to end the softball game Friday at home and lead the Huskies defeat of Newport by 10 runs.

“It was a game we needed to win, and it was a lot of fun,” said Coach Steve Hummer.

The Huskies lost to Newport 8-4 in their first matchup of the season.

“We didn’t feel like we should’ve lost to them,” Hummer said. “Now we’ve got to go over there and do it again.”

Newport scored a run in the first to take the lead. In the third inning, Newport walked Ashley Cochran, who stole second. The Cubs walked Sarah Wyatt, and Cochran scored from second on an error at catcher while Megan Rubidoux struck out. E.

Riggs scored Wyatt on a sac fly.

In the top of the fourth, Newport led with a double, scoring on an error, Hummer said. Newport took a 3-2 lead, but the Huskies opened the floodgates in the bottom of the inning.

Shelbey Gillespie was caught out on a fly ball. Kristin Tolle singled, and then Megan Graville was put out.

With one on base and two outs, Tasha Saunders singled, sparking a string of hits and runs. Cochran singled, and Wyatt walked to start the scoring. Rubidoux hit a groundball to third, but Cochran had a jump on the pitcher and made it to third.

E. Riggs walked, and then Bayli Riggs reached base on an error. Gillespie added a single, and Toll made her second hit of the inning, with the Huskies scoring eight runs on five hits.

“Obviously, a huge inning for us, we had some really huge base running,” Hummer said. The girls have enough speed that some of them can put down a bunt, and a runner on first can make third base.

In the fifth inning, Cochran got things rolling with a single. Wyatt singled on a bunt, and Cocrhan advanced from first to third.

Wyatt stole second. Rubidoux popped out to third base, and E. Riggs came up with the game-winning homerun.

E. Riggs had five RBI on the game, including one on a sac fly, one on a walk and three on the homerun. She scored two runs.

Cochran went 2-2 with a stolen base and three runs. Tolle went 3-3. Saunders, went 1-3. Gillespie went 1-3 with two RBI.

Wyatt went 1-2 with three runs, reaching base on walks twice.

B. Riggs pitched five innings, Hummer said. With a continuing family emergency, Hummer praised her mental toughness.

“It’s impossible for her to be at her best,” he said. With that said, she gave up four walks and four hits, while Newport scored only three unearned runs.

“It’s just really gutsy of her to come back and pitch €“ part of it for her and part of it for the team,” Hummer said. “I can’t say how proud of her I am. It’s just mentally tough to do that.”

Cochran made a key play to deflate Newport sails in the top of the fifth inning, Hummer said. Newport led with a walk and a single, trailing 10-3. The Cubs were going to try to rally, but Cochran ran from second base to the first-base fence line to catch out a foul ball.

“That kind of took their momentum away,” Hummer said. The Huskies were able to take out the next two hitters.

Newport 100 20 €“ 3 4 3

Sweet Home 002 83 €“ 13 9 1