Stayton wins soccer game on deflection

The Stayton Eagles barely scratched out a 1-0 win over the Husky boys soccer team on Oct. 19 at Stayton.

“They scored off of a deflection, and then we outshot them, like 17-10,” Coach Karl Schmidtman said. “But we didn’t score a goal.”

A Husky defender stood between the Stayton attacker and the goal, about five feet apart. Stayton kicked the ball, and the defender turned to deflect it, unfortunately deflecting it into the goal.

The Huskies had numerous opportunities to score in the game, bouncing some shots off the posts. Other shots went wide, and Stayton’s goalie had some saves.

Three controversial calls went against Sweet Home and cost the team opportunities to score, Coach Schmidtman said. In one, a Husky was fouled inside the box. The referee called the foul but didn’t call a penalty kick.

The Huskies had some bad luck, Coach Schmidtman said, “but it was a team we still should have beaten.”

One of the Huskies’ best chances to score came when Sean McGuyre passed the ball to Heath Belknap who broke past a defender but hit the goal post with his shot, Coach Schmidtman said. The Huskies shot the ball again on the rebound but sent it over the top of the goal.

The Huskies are 5-5-2 overall and 2-4-1 in league.