Survey this week to poll city residents about parks

Sean C. Morgan

Got ideas for improvements you’d like to see in Sweet Home’s parks? City staff members want to hear them.

The city is asking Sweet Home residents to take a survey this week about its parks system.

The survey should be on the front page of the city’s website,, by the end of the week.

The survey will be used by parks planners to help update the city’s Parks Master Plan, which was adopted in 1983.

The city started the update process earlier this year with Carol Lewis, who retired as community development director at the end of July, said Public Works Director Mike J. Adams. The city is working with the Community Services Center at the University of Oregon on the update.

Working on the plan are graduate student Erik Forsell and Bob Parker, co-executive director of the Community Services Center.

“This Parks Master Plan would be a formalized document that would give us direction with what needs to be done in the parks system to maintain our parks in their current condition as well as what we envision parks being in the future,” Adams said.

The Master plan will include plans for the parks and cost assessments.

It’s just like any other master plan document, such as the Water Master Plan, Adams said.

The consultants submitted surveys to those involved in the planning, including city staff and Parks Board members, and five responded.

Of the five who responded so far, Sankey and Hobart parks were deemed the most critically important parks in the system.

Considering it’s a community document, Adams said, it would be good to get more community input.

Adams and city staff members met with consultants Thursday, Nov. 7. While discussing the results of the limited survey, they also discussed expanding the survey to include the general public.

The update is nearing the end of the process, Adams said. He expects it to go before the City Council by spring for approval.

“If you want a specific amenity in a park or you’d like a park to look a certain way, you can communicate that,” Adams said.

He cautions people to remember “there’s costs associated with having these kinds of things. As such, you need to be able to pay for it, whether it’s just regular maintenance and upkeep or capital improvement projects.”

For information, contact Adams at (541) 367-5128 or Julie Fisher at (541) 367-8113.