Sweet Home City Council candidates revisited

Sean C. Morgan

After running a story on each City Council candidate over the past seven weeks, each candidate was given the opportunity to add final comments as the election cycle begins this week.

Of The New Era

Craig Fentiman, incumbent

“I’m looking forward to continuing my work with City Council using my leadership skills, experience and knowledge to help guide the council into the future, focusing on what’s in the best interests of the community.”

Dan Holman

“If elected to City Council, I’ll think carefully and study each issue to be voted on, combining my skills, integrity and faith with a dedication to the people of Sweet Home.”

Kim Lawrence

“I would like to wish everybody good luck.”

Lawrence said she has attended council meetings for three years and serves on several city committees, proving her dedication and that she is in touch with city issues and government. Her opponents, not counting incumbents, have not attended council meetings regularly.

“You need to know a bit about the council, what goes through it,” she said

Even if she is not elected, she said she has been receiving calls from potential constituents about issues with the city and plans to continue working for Sweet Home citizens.

Bob McIntire, incumbent

McIntire previously did not mention his military experience. He added that he served four years in the U.S. Navy, and believes that, combined with his business experience, helps him as a councilman.

Scott McKee Jr.

“Dave Holley did a great job saying exactly how I feel.” (Letter to the editor on Oct. 18)

McKee said he did not have anything further to add.

Eric Markell

“I agree with a lot of what the other candidates said, what their vision is. What will make me different is I will listen to what the community has to say, make sure everybody has an opportunity to be involved.”

Markell summarized his own reasons for running also, “improving livability and quality of life for our generation and the next generation.”

Josh Victor

“I’m going to steal Markell’s idea, I think, of using people who owe fines to do odd jobs that need taken care of.”