Swimmers host Valley Catholic Thursday; prepare for districts

Husky swimmers will host Valley Catholic Thursday in their last home meet before district action February 14 and 15 in Albany.

Competition starts at 4 p.m.

Coach Doug Peargin said his teams are looking good as they close in on the district meet, even though the girls squad boasts just six athletes.

“I’m happy. Wer’e right where we should be. This week we’re going to rest our sprinters and begin preparing mentally for the district meet. It’s not something you start preparing for the night before. It takes a couple weeks.”

Coach Peargin said it will be hard for the girls squad to score a lot of team points but individually he expects several swimmers to make the finals on Saturday.

“As for the boys, Junction City is by far the best team around here,” Coach Peargin said. “Our only boys loss this season was to them. They brought back all of their guys on two relay teams from state a year ago.”

Coach Peargin said this year’s teams are composed of young people who “are a pleasure to be around. We’ve had a very good season. We’ve stayed healthy as a team and we’re looking good. These teams have a lot of heart.”

At Sweet Home

Boys Results

SHHS, 94; Cascade 50; Jefferson, 21.

200 medley relay: SHHS A, first, 1:56.62 (Ecker, Hiørngaard, Bate, F. Coulter); SHHS B, fourth, 2:26.65.

200 freestyle: Ecker, first, 2:03.89; Holmes, second, 2:21.57.

200 IM: Martin, second, 2:16.80; Caswell, fourth, 3:27.60.

50 freestyle: Stratman, first, 26.25; Hiørngaard, third, 27.49.

100 butterfly: F. Coulter, second, 1:05.58; J. Lovik, fourth, 1:16.56.

100 freestyle: Bate, first, 56.23; Stratman, second, 58.64.

500 freestyle: Martin, first, 5:30.47; Hiørngaard, second, 7:36.59.

200 free relay: SHHS A, first, 1:45.61 (Stratman, F. Coulter, Bate, Martin); SHHS B, third, 1:54.35 (L. Coulter, Erstgaard, Lovik, Holmes).

100 backstroke: Ecker, first, 1:00.95; Bate, second, 1:08.06; Lovik, fifth, 1:15.05; Caswell, sixth, 1:27.20.

100 breast stroke: Hiørngaard, second, 1:14.07; F. Coulter, third, 1:21.71.

400 free relay: SHHS A, first, 3:57.68 (Martin, Stratman, L. Coulter, Ecker).

Girls Results

Cascade, 89; Sweet Home 37; Jefferson, 35.

200 medley relay: SHHS A, second, 2:18.83 (Starha, Larsen, Birky, Helfrich).

200 freestyle: Helfrich, second, 2:25.04.

200 I.M.: Starha, first, 2:33.38.

50 freestyle: Davis, fourth, 36.09; Miyashita, sixth, 37.84.

100 butterfly: Birky, first, 1:15.72.

100 freestyle: Starha, second, 1:02.08; Helfrich, fourth, 1:05.55.

500 freestyle: Mihashita, fourth, 8:36.31.

200 free relay: Sweet Home, third, 2:03.72 (Starha, Mihashita, Helfrich, Birky).

100 backstroke: Birky, third, 1:14.89.

100 breast stroke: Larsen, fourth, 1:38.79.