Swimmers to host six-way Thursday

Sweet Home swimmers have put two non-scoring meets behind them as they prepare for their first scoring home meet Thursday at Husky pool.

“We’re a little sick and tired but going twice a day will pay off at our district and state meets,” Coach Doug Peargin said. “We had everyone on the team in at least two events and are getting ready for our home meet Thursday.”

The six-way will include Sherwood, Philomath, Jefferson, Stayton, Gladstone and the Huskies.

“This should be a good test for us,” Coach Peargin said. “The Philomath girls were second at state in 2002 and the Sherwood boys were sixth.”

Philomath Relays

Girls Results

200 medley: SHHS, third, (Justham, Starha, Birky, Helfrich).

200 freestyle: SHHS, fourth, (Larsen, Jones, Mihashita, Justham).

200 backstroke: SHHS, first, Birky, Helfrich, Jones, Starha).

200 breast stroke: SHHS, fifth, (Helfrich, Larsen, Mihashita, Starha).

4 X100 I.M.: SHHS, fourth, (Jones, Justham, Birky, Starha).

300 freestyle: SHHS, second, (Helfrich, Mihashita, Jones, Larsen).

400 relay: SHHS, third, (Birky, Mihashita, Justham, Larsen).

Boys Results

200 medley: SHHS, third, (Stratman, Hiderngaard, L. Coulter, Holmes).

200 freestlye: SHHS, sixth, (Caswell, Davis, Holmes, Entsgaard).

200 back stroke: SHHS, fourth, (Davis, L. Coulter, Caswell, Burford).

200 butterfly: SHHS, third, (Martin, Ecker, Caswell, Bate).

200 breast stroke: SHHS, first, (F. Coulter, Hiderngaard, Burford, Stratman).

400 free relay: SHHS, second, (Burford, Holmes, F. Coulter, Bate).

400 backstroke: SHHS, second, (Martin, Davis, L. Coulter, Ecker).

4 X 100 IM: SHHS, first, (Stratman, F. Coulter, Burford, Ecker).

400 breast stroke: SHHS, first, (Hiderngaard, Bate, Martin, Stratman).

300 freestyle: SHHS, second, (L. Coulter, Entsgaard, Ecker, Caswell).

400 relay: SHHS, second, (F. Coulter, Bate, Martin, Hidengaard).