Teens being recruited for Search and Rescue

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is recruiting young men and women, ages 14 to 18, to join the Linn County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team and participate in a summer training program.

This will be the 18th Search and Rescue Training Academy in Linn County and it will be held June 17 through June 27.

Those who are interested in becoming an integral part of the Sheriff’s Office search and rescue mission should have an interest in community service and a desire to be a part of a highly trained and professional life saving organization.

Over the years, the Search and Rescue Team has participated in many missions, including the emergency rescue of an elk hunter who had broken bones in one of his legs after falling and the rescue of an elderly man who had wandered away from home. Search and Rescue Team members also participate in evidence searches and community activities.

The application process to join the Search and Rescue Team includes oral interviews, a background check and physical aptitude test. Successful applicants will be eligible to attend the 11-day Search and Rescue Training Academy in June.

The training will include classes in wilderness survival, shelter building, search tactics, first aid/CPR, rappelling, map and compass reading, and many more topics. There will also be a three-day field exercise in the Cascades.

For more information about the program or training, call Deputy Joe Larsen at the Linn County Sheriff’s Office at 541-967-3950 or visit the Linn County Sheriff’s Office website at http://www.linnsheriff.org.

Applications are available on the Web site and at the Sheriff’s Office.