Teresa Lewis named girls MVP

High School senior Teresa Lewis was named the most valuable player for the girls basketball team Thursday night.

She was named to the third team all-conference and to the Capital Conference’s defensive team, five girls selected by conference coaches.

“We expected a lot of things from Teresa this year,” Coach Gorham said. She was the best ball handler, and she was expected to guard opponents’ best player. She also was expected to lead her team.

She stepped up and was able to handle those responsibilities, Coach Gorham said. “She was a great leader for us out there. We’re going to miss her.”

Other team awards went to Ashley Wall, most improved; Kendra Greene, free-throw award; and Chelsea Hackworth, hustle award.

Wall made a couple of huge improvements during the season, Coach Jason Gorham said at the awards dessert. Most especially, she got more aggressive on offense. Though she didn’t necessarily hit everything she put up, she got over a fear of shooting. On defense, she was one of the team’s best by the end of the season.

Greene shot 72 percent from the foul line to earn her award.

The hustle award was a close vote, Coach Gorham said. It was spread out because so many of the girls worked hard, the criterion for the award.

Hannah Swanson earned her first letter.

Earning second-year letters were Lei Himan-Teves, Hackworth, Rachel Gaskey and Wall.

Greene and Cindy Jones earned their third basketball letters.

Lewis earned her fourth letter.

“We had a lot of work to do to get where we want to be,” Coach Gorham said. The team had fun all season although they had to work hard to get better. The girls were willing to learn and improve.

Their goal this year was to “improve every night we were in the gym,” Coach Gorham said.

“Every girl up here did an awesome job for us,” Coach Gorham said. “Game nights, they came and gave their all.”

Parents, coaches and referees would come down after the game to tell Coach Gorham how well his girls played, how positive they were and how good their attitudes were.

Fans from the other teams would talk about how well the Husky work ethic showed on the floor, Coach Gorham said. “That was probably the greatest achievement.”