Thoughts after a week without local sporting events

What has upset Frosty so much? He certainly has had a bad attitude lately. And because of that attitude, our athletes have not been allowed to participate in any rain gear games. We can handle rain in Oregon; just don the appropriate seasonal apparel and fa-la-la-la-la, we’re ready to go.

Unfortunately, Frosty has thrown a little tizzy fit, and even coach Steve Thorpe, with his pate so bright, couldn’t lead his wrestlers to Roseburg for fear of not being able to return last Saturday night. God allowed our merry athletes to rest up a bit more before they return to action and face unafraid the schedule that AD Steve Emmert made, since they haven’t been able to go drivin’ in a winter wonderland.

To our coaches, missing the games and the meets was not a good thing. They needed time on the court to work out some details in game action. The wrestlers and swimmers needed to gain the experience that only comes in meets. This was not a good time to be missing key developmental time. If something is going to be snowed out, I can think of a bunch of things that I would have rather seen canceled.

Take the BCS college football games. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. That debacle is just one more example of a hostile corporate takeover in the athletic world. It was more important to put bodies into seats than it was to find the right matchup. Wasn’t the whole system developed to try to match up the two best teams and determine a true champion, not leave it up in the air?

Other than a couple of games, who cares?

Most TV programs and especially Jerry Springer type shows. Maybe they should be snowed in together, rather than snowed out, so that they would have to watch their own garbage non-stop.

Rabbit hunting trips. I can’t figure those out–the purpose, the desire, the competition. The Elmer Fudd Hunting Society needs to be snowed out to save themselves from themselves.

Golfing trips before warm weather. I don’t need the cold or drizzles to take off another 50 yards on my shot while I’m soaked and freezing. So go all the way. Snow it out.

Participation in any athletic competition that I haven’t competed in for years in front of people that will have a long memory about its outcome. It’s a bad idea; bring on the powdery stuff.

Making a decision to add a room to your house just to have a pool table. Not a good idea if the people that you invite over have spent too much time with a pool cue in hand. See also previous paragraph. Where was the summer blizzard that could have made me rethink that proposition?

So not only does Frosty have a bad attitude, he has bad timing as well. Now maybe we can get on with the games definitely worth watching. On wrestlers, on swimmers, on basketball players.

On dashers, on dancers . . . okay, now maybe I’m getting carried away.

Forgive me, I’ve been snowed out and snowed in for awhile.