W. Albany tops Husky water polo wins

The girls water polo team lost 10-5 last week on Wednesday to West Albany.

West Albany fielded a team mixing West and South Albany players, so the game was technically forfeited and goes in the Sweet Home win column.

They played the game anyway, and “I think we really got some things figured out,” Coach Adam Lloyd said. The girls are ready to put it together now, the halfway mark in the season.

Their problems so far have been putting the ball into the goal, Coach Lloyd said. “Each game we play, the girls are just getting better and better.”

Playing league teams a second time, Coach Lloyd thinks the girls will get some wins.

They girls are 2-3.

“We’re looking okay,” Coach Lloyd said. “If we can start winning games here in the second half, I think they will turn out to be a good team.”

Krystle Streight led scoring with three goals. Dani Birky scored her first of the season, and Tee Whaley scored her first goal in high school.

The boys met their match against West Albany, losing 12-5.

West Albany outnumbered and outgunned the Huskies, Coach Lloyd said. “By the end of the game, we were playing better.”

West Albany is a good team and probably the best-coached team the Huskies have faced so far this year, Coach Lloyd said. West Albany defense was able to answer whatever off-beat attacks the Huskies threw at them.

“Our defense was really good,” Coach Lloyd said. The boys picked up on some odd attacks from West Albany forcing the ball to non-shooters on top.

“We had trouble getting our offense going,” Coach Lloyd said. “Overall, we didn’t do too bad. They just outgunned us and outnumbered us.”

Frank Coulter led scoring with two goals. Matt Maloney, Jeff Stratman and Ian Parks each scored one goal.

The boys are 3-2.

The Huskies face Lebanon at home on Thursday then play Redmond at South Salem on Saturday.