Water polo squads strongin win, loss to Redmond

Despite playing without substitutes, the Husky water polo teams Friday challenged Redmond, the boys winning 10-8 and the girls being edged narrowly, 13-12.

Coach Rene Kirkland said both teams played extremely well considering the lack of depth in their rosters and practice time in the water.

In the girls game, Andrea Yunke fired in five goals, Nicole Starha added four, Megan Fouht had two and Christine Smith one.

For Redmond, Lynette Ruble scored five goals and was followed closely by Jennifer Rogers with four.

“It was a very good game,” Coach Kirkland said. “Remond is relatively new, in their second year, but they were tough last year. They graduated several good kids but the girls alone have 18 on their roster. We have only seven girls, just enough to field a team.”

Coach Kirkland said her Huskies were nervous as they warmed up, seeing the number of opponents they were to face.

“The key to our game had to be communication,” Coach Kirkland said. “The girls stuck together as a team and didn’t let down. We had just filled our team and there they were going against a team of 18 that could substitute freely.”

Redmond’s boys squad boasted 15 athletes, Coach Kirkland said, but the Huskies played tough throughout the game for the win.

Chris Bate fired in six goals and was assisted by teammates Jeff Ecker with three and Frank Coulter with one.

Redmond’s top gun was J. Rowan, who popped in five goals.

“Rowan, for the last three years, has placed in the top three at state in the 50 freestyle,” Coach Kirkland said. “He’s very fast. Tough.”

Husky senior speedster Rhys Birky kept up and helped contain Rowan, Coach Kirkland said.

“Because the play was so intense and the game so fast, we had a lot of ejections,” Coach Kirkland said. “We had nine and had three guys in foul trouble but our boys did a great job.”

Coach Kirkland praised the hard work of Chris Bate, whom said said has improved the most of any player over the summer.

“Chris has worked very hard this summer to get better and it paid off,” Coach Kirkland said. “He was very strong in the hole position.”

Newcomer Frank Coulter also drew praise from his coach.

“Frank is such a good athlete and it showed,” Coach Kirkland said. “He’s a great asset to the team. He worked so hard at helping communicate to both the younger and more experienced players as well.”

Goalie Tyler Hannen played a strong game, especially for a first year player, Coach Kirkland said.

“He had only been in the water four days,” Coach Kirkland said. “He had a number of saves