Willamette Speedway Results €“ July 31

Russ Sell was the big winner for the second straight week at the Willamette Speedway, taking the Main Event of the DAA West Coast Spec Motor Late Model Series on July 31.

Next weekend is the Modified Class Tribute to Clair special event for the Modified class. Sportsman and Classics will be running that night as well.

Friday, Aug. 13, the Gene Romero West Coast Flat Track Motorcycle Series returns to Willamette Speedway.

Here are race results for July 31:

DAA West Coast Spec Motor Late Model Series

Fast Time: 15.656 Jerry Schram

Trophy Dash: Jason Wines

A-Main Event: 1- Russ Sell, 2- Joey Tanner, 3- Bob Boyd, 4- Billy Workman, 5- Brady Sell, 6- Jerry Schram, 7- Jimmy Schram, 8-Steve Suckow, 9- Jason Wines, 10-Greg Walters, 11-Steve Moore, 12-Brett James, 13- Brett McCutcheon (SH), 14- Ronnie Saylor, 15- Bob Trout, 16- Doug Trout 17- Jack Marontate, 18- Brittany Ray, 19- Britton Donahoo, 20- Brandon Biffle.

Super Sports

Fast time- 15.564 Billy Workman

Fast Four Trophy Dash: Tony Brakall

Heat 1: Jeremy Martin, John Campos, Chris Mott

Heat 2: Keith Marson, Billy Workman, Scott Byrum

A-Main Event: 1- Billy Workman, 2- John Campos, 3- Kye Frick (SH), 4- Scott Byrum, 5- Dan Smith, 6-Tony Brakall, 7- Keith Marson, 8- Randy Barley, 9- Jeremy Martin, 10- Jeff Marson, 11- James Slover, 12- Chris Mott, 13- Craig Brown, 14- Chris Murphy.


Fast time: 18.055 Jeff Marson

Fast Four Trophy Dash: Chris Bishop

Heat 1: Casey Rhoades, Eric Lindquist, Jaime Gaylord

Heat 2: Brian Winkler, Brian Brown, Tim Archer

Heat 3: Brian Goetz, Brad Hopkins, Jason Sommer

B- Main Event: 1-Casey Rhoades, 2-Eric Lindquist, 3-Carrie Campbell (SH), 4-Vahn Stone, 5- Jaime Gayler, 6- Kevin Collister, 7- Bill Allison, 8- Cory Aldrich.

A-Main Event: 1-Brad Hopkins, 2-Brody Pompe, 3-Trent Croy, 4-Brian Goetz, 5- Jason Sommer, 6-Brian Brown, 7-Jody Tanner, 8-Nate Sim, 9-James Frazier, 10-Tim Archer, 11-Brian Winkler, 12-Jeff Marson.


Fast time: 18.675 Loren Kruesi

Fast Four Trophy Dash: Adam Walker

Heat 1: Dave Kingsberry, Gary Allison, Tanner Wines

Heat 2: Shannon Horn, Loren Kruesi, Kyle Yeack (Crawfordsville)

A-Main Event: 1- Dave Kingsberry, 2- Loren Kruesi, 3- Kyle Yeack (Crawfordsville), 4- Adam Walker 5- Gary Allison, 6-Shannon Horn, 7- Curt Fry (SH) , 8- Cory Yeack (Crawfordsville), 9- Cole Fry, 10- Tanner Wines, 11- Bry Campos.