Wolf columns make interesting points


Interesting pro/con on wolves in Oregon (Dec. 28). Daiute’s “pro” seemed to be supported by easily verifiable data – although presented in a somewhat combative style. Her points have been discussed by all interested parties with at least some effort to work out compromises.

Rouse’s offering was no less combative but relied more on personal anecdotes (shades of Shostakovich’s Peter and the Wolf). Data on wolves’ positive impact in Yellowstone is easily accessed, as are the formal stances taken by both sides.

I have seen wolves in the wild (B.C. near Head-Smashed-In), badgers, deer, of all sorts in Europe/ USA/ New Zealand, antelope, wild boar in Germany and Turkey, predators and prey alike. I even saw a wolverine outside of Spearfish, S.D. I enjoy them. I seek them out and try to shoot pictures of them.

Mr. Rouse’s statement that a pack of 10 wolves kills three to four deer a week pales against the take of the Cottage Grove family that emptied a valley of game. The ODFW reported that last year’s licensed take of game animals was exceeded by that of poachers. So does one stand behind the game, the hunters, the poachers, or the ranchers? Could we at least consider the wolf?

I did note the differentiation Mr. Rouse made on the several types of wolves. I do not know much about the evolution of the wolf. That is, if one believes in evolution – if not, maybe they were put here by God (Oops!)?

Jim Elkins

Sweet Home