Yeack brothers earn championsip, sixth place at state BMX race

Brothers Cory and Kyle Yeack recently competed at the BMX State Championship bicycle race in Grants Pass.

To quality, riders must make the main event at three separate qualifying races during the summer. Each finishing place is awarded points. The maximum points to enter the state race are 60. Cory had 60 points in the 14 Expert 20 inch class and Kyle had 55 points in the 13 Intermediate 20 inch class.

The race consists of three moto’s to qualify for the main event.

Cory, a freshman at SHHS, picked up the state championship in the 14 Expert division. His brother, Kyle, finished sixth in the 13 Intermediate division.

KMTR TV in Eugene plans to show footage of the championship featuring the Haro Team BMX riders on Wednesday evening.

The brothers are the sons of Tom and Debbie Yeack of rural Crawfordsville.