Young Spikers

Participants in the Pups, left, and Little Huskies volleyball camps worked on their skills during the two weeks before the Oregon Jamboree. The Little Huskies are, from left, Molly Fisher, Megan Graville, Shaelin Bruner and Sydney Nichol. The Pups are, Back Row from right to left: Sonya Corliss, Jamie Swanson, Bethany Marner, Megan Graville, Emili Riggs, Annie Whitfield, Tiffany Miller, Hailey Fisher, Ashley Cochran, Brandi Trewin. Middle Row from right to left: Riley Petermen, Savannah Hutchins, Kelika Aiona, Hailey Johnson, Kirstin Koehne, Samantha Hutchins, Allison Miner, Hannah Graham, ALexia Schilling, Myranda Shipp, Caylie Trewin. Front Row from right to left: Kate Hawken, Hollie Johnson, Karrah Lewis, Rachel Busek, Brianna Hoffman.