2009 Sportsman’s Holiday Court members announced

Members of the 2009 Sportsman’s Holiday Court were announced Friday. The Chamber of Commerce also announced that Sam Pierce will join Wendy Younger as court chaperone.

Pierce will succeed Chelsea Frick, who resigned after working as chaperone in 2008.

The 2009 court includes Catrina Stengrim, Emily Coonrod, Amanda Russell, Savana McCalister and Leah Dauley. Kelika Kaniaupio, 16, a high school sophomore, was named first runnerup for the court and will serve on the court if one of the princesses is unable to serve, a situation that occurred in 2008.

Candidates for the court submitted resumes with answers to three questions asking why they wanted to serve on the court, what they liked best about Sweet Home and their plans after graduation. Last week, they completed interviews with a panel of judges, and then were selected.

Emily Coonrod

Coonrod, 16, is a junior at SHHS.

“I have always admired past court princesses,” she said. “It seems like it would be a great pride and honor having other girls look up to me as I used to look up to the others.”

Coonrod believes she can handle the responsibilities of serving on the court and would be a good role model for younger girls in the community, she said. “As a cheerleader, I know how to represent an organization in a positive manner.

“What I like best about Sweet Home is the security. Everyone here seems to know one another so no matter what, someone is looking after you. We are a very close-knit community.”

She is undecided about her plans after graduation, she said. “I know for sure that I want to go to college. I’m stuck between the medical field and going into business management. I’m one of those people who is undecided until the very last minute.”

Leah Dauley

Dauley, 16, is a junior at SHHS.

“It’s always been my dream to be a princess and hopefully to over-exceed that dream and become Sportsman’s Holiday queen,” Dauley said. “My best friend has been on the court, and I’ve seen what you are expected to do and accomplish.”

She believes she can be a good representative, working with the group and not as an individual, she said. She has already been in leadership positions. She is a student body officer and also gives speeches to the School Board during its regular meetings, letting the members know what the high school is doing and its students’ goals are.

“Sweet Home? Or rather, to me, Home Sweet Home,” she said. “I love Sewet Home for many reasons.”

It is full of friendly, happy people, she said. “People say that if you don’t like a town, then move away and then maybe you will realize that the town you lived in wasn’t so bad at all and move back.”

She has lived in 20 different places, she said, and “Sweet home is the best.”

The best part of that is that everything and everyone are so close, she said.

Her plans for the future are undecided, but she has many ideas, she said. “I want to go the Police Academy to become a police officer, and I love kids and I love teaching so I think it would be cool to be a teacher. Further down the road, I want to become a cheerleading coach. I would love to be a police officer and a cheerleading coach in Sweet Home. I also want to be on the City Council.”

Savana McCalister

McCalister, 16, is a junior at SHHS.

She has lived in Sweet Home all her life, starting school at Foster Elementary, she said. “I decided to run for Sportsman’s Holiday Court because it’s a great way to be more involved in school and the community.

“I think it will be a great opportunity to help out more and to meet new people. I am a great listener and am able to follow directions well. I will represent our youth with a positive attitude, an outgoing personality and determination to succeed.”

The best part of living in Sweet Home is the small-town atmosphere, she said. “The people in Sweet Home are very caring friendly and caring. Sweet Home is a community that is not afraid to get involved when a need arises, helping in many ways to give back to others in our community.”

After high school, she plans to attend Linn-Benton Community College. She plans to take classes in photography and then enroll in a dental hygienist program in Portland. Afterward, she would like to get a full-time job as a dental hygienist.

Amanda Russell

Russell, 15, is a sophomore at SHHS. She is active in softball and is in charge of advertising for The Huskian and year book for next year.

“I think it will be a fun and rewarding opportunity,” Russell said of her service on the court. “I will make a good representative because I am a positive and bright influence.”

She loves the Sweet Home area, she said. “It reminds me of a country song. Everyone still is as nice as the ’50s. It’s just amazing to me.”

After high school, she plans to become a teacher for elementary students, she said. “This is because they are still sweet and innocent. However, I also think marine biology is exciting, and I love science, so it all just depends on how I feel my senior year.

Catrina Stengrim

Stengrim, 16, is a junior at Sweet Home High School.

“I decided to run for the Sportsman’s Holiday Court because I am really looking to make an impact on the community,” she said. Breaking out of a shell of shyness, “I’m looking for more extracurricular activities.”

She wants to be a positive role model for young girls, hopes to learn more about the Sweet Home community and looks forward to participating in various community events and representing her community and school, she said.

She enjoys Sweet Home’s small-town atmosphere, she said. She feels safe here, and it’s easy to get to know people.

“I love summers in Sweet Home because of the lake,” she said. “I travel a lot, and Sweet Home is one of the friendliest places I’ve been.”

After high school, she plans to attend Oregon State University and get a degree in music education and composition.

“Music has always been something that has brought me a lot of pleasure, and I want to continue giving that gift to people,” she said. “I still remember my first choir class, and I would love nothing more than to teach a choir.”

Chaperone Sam Pierce

Pierce, 20, the daughter of Dave and Beth Lambert, is a 2006 graduate of SHHS. She was first princess on the 2006 Sportsman’s Holiday Court.

While serving as a princess, “I liked that I could get to know a lot of girls I wouldn’t have gotten to know outside of the court.”

She also enjoyed representing Sweet Home and being a positive role model as well as participating in the many events and activities, from the parades to the Logger Olympics, “I would’ve never gotten the chance to be a part of without being on the court.”

For example, her grandfather was a logger, she said. The Logger Olympics let her see things like choker setting and provided an appreciation for what he did.

She had been to the rodeo but never a part of it, she said. It was fun, and it kept her busy all summer.

Pierce moved to Beaverton after graduating from high school and earned her esthetician license from an elite school there. Estheticians provide facial and body treatments at salons and spas.

She also earned her license to work in insurance and is working at State Farm Insurance for her mother.

She applied to be chaperone after seeing that Frick had resigned and remembering just how time-consuming the job is, she said. She also remembered looking up to and valuing the chaperones when she was on the court.

She is ready to do the same, giving the girls a positive role model while helping Younger run the court, she said. “Obviously, Wendy needed help. And I love Wendy.

“My mom, when she first moved here, was heavily involved in the community, and I always admired that about her.”

Now that she has settled back in Sweet Home and expects to make her home here, she felt she needed to follow that example.

“It’s a great community, and it’s nice to be a part of that,” she said. “I think it’s just a great opportunity, and I hope that I can help them.”

She was a teen not that long ago, she said, and she’s hoping to put herself in a position to help the girls, to be a person they can come to and talk to if they choose, guiding them in positive ways.

“I’m really excited for the year to come and really excited to announce the court,” she said.

“I was one of the judges in 2006, and I was very impressed with her as first princess,” Younger said. “Now that she’s working in the community, I felt she’d be a great mentor for the girls with her recent experience. She’s going to be a great representative as a chaperone.”