4M Fiber earns Eddie Reynolds MemorialTrophy at annual Loggers Olympics

4M Fiber earned the coveted Eddie Reynolds Memorial Trophy Saturday during the annual Loggers Olympics held at the outdoor events center.

Owner Scott Melcher accepted the trophy from last year’s winner, Clint McCollum of McCollum Logging.

“It’s an honor to win this,” Melcher said. “It’s fun to compete, especially a bunch of guys who used to be young but aren’t so young anymore. It’s fun to still be successful.”

Melcher said it’s also important to be able to get together with teams sponsored by other logging companies that “we see all the time in the woods. We get together for a good day of family fun. This is a great thing they started years ago and our intention is to keep it a quality event.”

4M Fiber earned the trophy two years ago as well. This year’s time was 1:38.0. Team members included: Scott Melcher, Steve Thorpe, Royce Anderson and Dustin Nichol.

Second place went to THI with a time of 1:39.36. Team members: Jim Nichol, Jeremy Zook, John O’brien and Brandy James.

Third: Best Lay Cutting, 1:39.51. Team members: Tim Crocker, Jessie Vannice, Todd Claborn, Geoff Hoffert.

Fourth: Timberline Logging, 1:52.96. Team members: Toby McGarry, Kody Marvin, Dustin Royer and Lucas Hufford.

Fifth: McCollum Logging: 1:59.75. Team members:

Sixth: Ridgetree Logging, 2:03.36. Team members: Kevin VanCleave, Brent Graham, Blayne Watkins, Matt Melcher.

Seventh: Ridgeway, 2:15.43. Team members:

Long-time event organizers Bob and Mona Waibel and Jean Teschner were recognized for their two decades of work on the event. They retired this year, turning the project over to Milt and Jane Moran, Ted and Peggy Hufford, Scott and Wendy Melcher and Jim Cota and Karla Burcham.

Bob Waibel was presented with a metal sculpture of the forest created by Wes Marchbanks and the ladies received vases of dark red roses.

Peggy Hufford said preparations for the event began immediately after last year’s show.

Committee members said they were extremely pleased with the support of sponsors.

“Including donations and sponsorships, we took in close to $6,000,” Jane Moran said. “With any money we have left over from this year’s event, we plan to buy materials to create more shaded areas.”

Volunteers from Timberline Logging spent a day replacing the wood seats on spectator bleachers. Lumber for the project was donated by Cascade Timber Consulting.

“I think we’re all very pleased,” Moran said. “Being the first year, you never know how things are going to work out, but I think it went very well.”

Emcee Tim Crocker concurred, noting that the spectator turnout was outstanding.

“I think it’s the best turnout we’ve had,” Crocker said. “It’s also the most teams we’ve had enter for several years. Having lots of people here to watch makes for a great day.”

Garnering the most hoots and hollers from the crowd were the junior choker setters. Youngsters from ages three to 12 were invited to try their hang at choker setting for the second year.

Participants included:

Ages 3-5: Brandon Miranda, first; Kaitlyn Poteet, second; Danielle Guillot, third; Brock Jones, fourth; Taylor Binks, fifth; Nick McIntyre, sixth.

Ages 6-7: Bryce Daniels, first; Brittany Poteet, second; Chase O’Brien, third; E.J. Nichol, fourth; Dewane Guillot, fifth.

Ages 8-9: Hunter Ringheimer, first; Austin Griffiths, second; Kendall Anderson, third; Nathaniel Melcher, fourth; Megan Tilley, fifth; Kyle McCollum, sixth; Ashley Pollard, seventh.

Ages 10-12: Brock Crocker, first; Brock Cota, second; Jake McCollum, third; Ryan Brinks, fourth; Brianna Worth, fifth; Colton Ringheimer, sixth; Leticia Pollard, seventh; Kaitlyn Anderson, eighth; Kody Daniels, ninth; Anthony Powers, 10th.

Loggers Olympics results

Relay Teams: 4M Fiber, 1:38.0; THI, 1:39.36; Best Lay Cutting, 1:39.51; Timberline Logging, 1:52.96; McCollum Logging, 1:59.75; Ridgetree Logging, 2:03.36; Ridgeway Logging, 2:15.43.

Open Axe Throw: Bob Waibel, first; Milton Moran, Chad Macy, Blayne Watkins.

Novice Axe Throw: Lonnie Horner, first; Kody Marvin, Dustin Royer, Geoff Hoffert.

Obstacle Pole Bucking: Blayne Watkins, firstl Clint McCollum, Todd Claiborn, Chad Reynolds.

Choker Setting: John O’Brien, first; Pat Powers, Dustin Nichol, Clint McCollum.

Pole Climbing: Clint McCollum, first; Kerry Keeney, Tim Miller, Tobey McGarry, Charlie Davis.

2003 Loggers Olympics sponsors: Best Lay Cutting Inc., Bruce Burke Logging, Butte Creek Cutters, Hootes Knob, Robert Johnson Trucking, McCollum Logging, More Fibre Inc., R and L Excavation Inc., Rice Logging, Ridgetree Logging, Ridgeway Logging, Robert and Rose Rice, Timber Harvesting Inc., TimberLine Logging, Vaughn Logging Inc., Santiam Supply, Sweet Home NAPA, Lebanon Saw Shop, Westech Rigging, Timber Supply Company, Les Schwab Tire Center, Cascade Timber Consulting, G and H Logging, Allen Lowery Trucking, Ron Stutzman Trucking, David Davenport Trucking, Kurt Davis Log Hauling, Steve Nelson Trucking, Triple T Studs, Mark Armstrong Cutting, Wes Marchbanks, Russell Totman Trucking, Inc., Dan Dee Sales and Richard Reynolds Trucking.