Act now against monument proposal


Alert! Danger! Deja vu Burns!

Write your congressmen. Write President Obama.

These sneaky, subversive outsiders, Andy Kerr of Ashland and Stephen Sharnoff of Berkeley, Calif. (March 9), have no business butting into our area and trying to lock up what’s left of our livelihood. We have already been struggling for decades, due to Kerr’s dreams. He should come and see our town, see what his past actions have done to us. Has he no compassion for people, only for owls?

Let him play in his own back yard, and leave us alone to play in ours! We’ll take good care of it because it is valuable to us for more than scenery.

This proposed monument to the common fir tree is much too large, and very much too close to towns and working people.

If someone wants to save a few outstanding trees, let them set aside and carefully manage (for fire danger) not more than maybe 20 acres per grove for people to visit and view, but leave the rest of the forest to be used. Carefully, yes, but not locked away, untouchable.

Act now. Act fast. Defend ourselves!

Joan Scofield

Sweet Home