Airport project expansion requested

Sean C. Morgan

Of The New Era

The Sweet Home Planning Commission continued a public hearing on a request to expand a 109-lot subdivision to 146 lots.

The subdivision is located on old Langmack Airport between Airport Road and Long Street and between 43rd and 49th avenues.

The developer, Joe Claire of Corvallis, and Highland Excavation already have approval for a 109-lot subdivision, located within medium-density residential zoning.

They want to make smaller lots, Community Development Director Carol Lewis said. “People are mostly wanting the smaller lots, is what they’re saying.”

Some of the new lots would be served by private easements, some two or three lots deep, Lewis said. The Planning Commission wanted the developers to look for an alternative. The commission also asked the developers to look at ways to address concerns raised by those who testified in opposition.

Thirteen area residents testified in opposition to the expansion, Lewis said. Primarily, they were concerned about downstream drainage and traffic impacts.

One area resident testified in favor of the expansion.

The developers are planning to send private invitations to a “town hall” meeting where they will address concerns, Lewis said.

Present at the meeting were commissioners Karen Billings, Alan Culver, Henry Wolthuis, Greg Stephens, Michael Adams and Frank Javersak. Chairman Dick Meyers was absent.

In other business, the commission:

– Recommended approval to the City Council for a rezone from “industrial transition” to “medium density residential” for 1859 Ulex St. for Yolanda Stover.

– Recommended approval to the City Council for the annexation of property owned by Paola Castalda at 1350 and 1360 Fern Lane. The lots are within the city’s Comprehensive Plan as low-density residential, and they are within the city’s urban growth boundary.

– Approved a conditional use permit for George and Nancy Eto to allow the placement of a 27-foot by 58-foot manufactured home as an accessory dwelling in conjunction with the existing dwelling at 1409 Clark Mill Road.