Alarming parallels between now, past


We should all be asking the question: Who is influencing or pressuring us to see things in only one certain way?

Who is profiting from our choices? Who is being hurt by our choices? Who is covering the truth with a magic blanket that is putting us to sleep?

I see alarming parallels between the propaganda of yesteryear and those of today. In truth, it has been a seamless and destructive path since the 1920s when public relations firms were being sought by big corporations or political organizations or the elites of society to create false narratives in order to shape and control public opinion. These firms were utilized to create wealth, prevent crimes from being uncovered, and to prevent financial losses.

It’s still going on today. The results of these shady practices pay enormous dividends as people buy certain products or vote for particular political candidates. PR is a euphemism for propaganda, which is much more in the open and obvious today because we can do our own research and not rely on what we read or hear from the media. We are all a little more suspicious ever since the tobacco industry was forced to admit cigarettes cause lung cancer.

There’s a reason why the tobacco industry was able to get away with killing millions of people for so long. (You can argue individual choice, but back then the idea of addiction was not understood). The first successful PR campaign used by the tobacco industry was the “torches of liberty” contingent. This was a bogus parade purporting to bring awareness of the rights of women. The true purpose, however, was to break the taboo of women smoking in public in order to dramatically increase the number of smokers.

Interestingly, this event was engendered by Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, a neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis. Bernays was paid handsomely by the American Tobacco Company. During this propaganda parade a bevy of beautiful, young models were paid to take out a cigarette and start smoking. This act of defiance was to represent their “torch” of liberty – freedom to smoke in public.

This story is extremely relevant today as vulnerable young women march in droves for their purported “right” to abort their babies. Why are these so-called “advocates” of women’s rights hostile to women who are pro-life? Isn’t that another choice? Why do the media avoid covering the March for Life events? Whatever happened to the “rights” of the unborn? What happened to reverence for life?

Ask yourself who is coordinating and financing these abortion rights marches?

Who are the staunch activists working for and how much are they being paid?

Who makes their signs?

Why are celebrities “shouting out” their abortion or gleefully “celebrating” their own abortions?

Who is benefiting the most? What sinister role does the largest abortion factory (Planned Parenthood) play?

Is eugenics back in favor of the public, or is this another ploy engineered by profiteers or the elite globalists to push their own agenda?

When women publicly celebrate the loss of their infant through elective abortion, it is done in an effort to normalize an act that would commonly cause horrific pain, grief, and sorrow. For some women it may even end up being the biggest regret of their life.

Humanity has sunk to a new low thanks to the forces that are deliberately breaking apart the foundations of the family unit. Our ultra-liberal educational system has played a huge role in tainting the minds of our youth. The media, Hollywood and ultra-rich are just propagandists that deviously plot to control our bodies and our minds for their own profit.

What if we regain control of our own hearts and minds and stop allowing ourselves to be used as a tool in someone else’s bag of dirty tricks? We should be marching for better education with a focus on preventing pregnancies, promoting personal responsibility along with the clear understanding of the consequences for negligent behavior.

Susan Angland

Sweet Home