Ames photos missed some IDs


Mona Waibel wrote a fine, detailed article about the Ames family in the September 2008 issue of 55 Plus (Aug. 27).

She is to be commended for her great service to your community. She used photos belonging to our branch of the Ameses, and for the sake of history, corrections should be made concerning the captions.

One, page 2 shows Lowell Ames. This is Lowell Delos Ames, the grandson of Lowell Ames Sr. Lowell Delos was the son of John T. and Hester Ames.

Two, page 6 shows workers gathered around a car. The only Ames in the picture is Lowell Delos Ames in the back row with the cap, standing under the “U.” He worked for Overland in Portland.

Three, page 7 shows men grouped around feed sacks. We think the only Ames here is Archie Boggs, son of Thomas Duron Boggs and Dora Ames Boggs. Dora was a daughter of William and Isabella Turnbull Maynard Ames. We don’t know which fellow Archie is, but he wrote to our grandmother on the back. The “W” on sacks might stand for “Williams.” Our great grandfather, William H. Williams, was involved with sheep for awhile in those days.

Four, also, Oathie Hennessee on page 7 was a nephew of John T. and Hester Ames. We would like to know more about him if anyone can help.

Thanks again to Mona for the great article.

Judie Quinlin Bunch

Joyce Quinlin Gray