Appreciation for chance to serve


It is early Wednesday morning, Nov. 5.

I was able to pull the election results from the Internet. Much to my chagrin, I find that the voice of the electorate has chosen not to renew my appointment to the Sweet Home City Council.

While I am disappointed, I am also proud to have had the privilege of serving out the term to which I was appointed. I hope that I have done so in a manner consistent with the needs of our community.

I thank those who supported my election and I thank all who participated in the election process. Winning is not the issue. The proper administration and guidance of our community within the bounds of our national freedom and continuance of our democratic process is. All who participated in this election contributed to this end.

I congratulate those re-elected and to Councilor-elect Fowler. My prayers are with you all as you tackle the formidable issues facing this community. In these times of economic uncertainty, I pray that you, our city leaders, and we citizens have the wisdom to choose our paths wisely. Popular is not always best. It often takes wisdom and courage to choose the better, less popular course. I commend those with the courage to make the “right” decisions. I have seen our council do this and have complete faith in their continuing to do so. I ask myself and the other members of our community to support our city council in this.

I wish to commend and thank our city staff. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with you. Your jobs are often thankless as you work with the community; assisting people in various stages of crisis or frustration. I have seen many of you handle your jobs professionally and cannot think of anyone who could do better than those I have worked with.

Finally, to our youth who are our future. It is wonderful to see you get involved and grow to the citizens of tomorrow. Your exuberance injects the energy that moves us forward. Do not let anyone convince you that “it can’t be done.” Too many times, the vigor and unencumbered vision of the young has proven the contrary.

“Sweet Home – Oregon At Its Best” is not a false claim. There is no better area to live in, and no better people to live around. May the Lord continue to bless our community as we move forward to the future that awaits us.

Rich Rowley

Councilor, city of Sweet Home