Bashed for speaking up


I find it ironic that when I call the town of Sweet Home “worn down” and “welfare-looking,” an organization can come in and basically say the same thing using different words.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to see this organization come to Sweet Home and hopefully revitalize it. Where were all the “old timers” who bashed me for saying the same thing?

The reason I used “welfare looking” is that I came from a large city where they had “the projects” where welfare people lived and it looked a lot like it. People call this city “nice and a wonderful place to have a family live in,” but my complaints are very true and I call them as I see them. The “old timers” say there is nothing wrong with this town. Then tell me why, when Bi-Mart wanted to move in here years and years ago, it backed out?

My biggest complaint about this city is, I pay a lot of taxes, yet I don’t see anything improving in this town. I have been “behind the scenes,” being on different committees, and saw things people who were not involved saw. So don’t be quick to judge me unless you have gotten involved yourself.

I am disabled and yes, I do have a lot of anger feelings since it was a Workers Comp doctor who did this. I see things in government that do bring out my anger. And I still believe we, the people, need to start at the town level and move up. Money is being spent on ridiculous and non-improving items. I see so much waste in this city but I guess everyone else closes their eyes to it.

In order to bring this country back to being more productive we need to weed through the waste.

So you people of Sweet Home (my neighbors and my town) just stop and really look at the waste here. Take off your rose-colored glasses and look behind the scenes and see what is really going on.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home