Before speaking, inform yourself


I had the experience of being one of the review committee members of the “Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” and was grateful for the opportunity. But one thing that makes me have great concern for my community, state and country is the lack of knowledge people have before making a very strong opinion and then voicing it publicly.

Here is my personal experience with this: About 20 years ago, a measure came on the ballot for a state law that would not have affected me either way, if I voted for or against it. Nor did I inform myself enough to make an “informed decision” when I cast my vote. Now, this ignorant act affects my home and my community in a very negative way.

It is scary to see so many people not read the controversial book, but go along with someone else’s opinion. I feel like I had a glimpse of why our country is in the topsy-turvy mess it is. I would like to challenge my fellow community members with two things: First, when getting on the ban wagon, does the topic of debate effect you personally; and secondly, have you done all there is to do to make yourself as informed as you can be, before publicly voicing or casting a vote on the topic of debate?

Rosanne James

Sweet Home