Behind cloud is a silver lining


Thank you, Kim Lawrence. I believe your ongoing weekly complaints are having a positive effect on this community!

Now don’t get me wrong, I completely disagree with 99 percent of your point of view. However, the result has been an influx of positive opinions. I love reading the letters sent in response to your absurd complaints.

The Jan. 16 issue contained three responses – all in what I considered VERY polite disagreement with your latest tirade. Simply put, they were nice people trying to give constructive criticism to someone who hasn’t learned the meaning of the word “constructive.”

Modeling the behavior they are trying to teach, their letters creatively describe yours with the words “rude,” “ignorant,” “hateful,” “unconstructive” and “petty.” They used the phrases “useless but entertaining” and “crazed mumbo-jumbo.” However, these were in reference to your article, at no time did they personally attack you or demean your work ethic.

If the purpose of your constant criticism is to bring about effective change, it’s time to rethink your tactics. You are only one of 8,600 residents. Your demand that the police move cars that are legally parked is not urgent. Maybe the water was turned off in response to complaints such as yours two days earlier. Why don’t you try adjusting your focus and see if things become clearer?

The bottom line is Sweet Home is a beautiful place to live and we have freedoms that people in other countries only dream of. One of which is the freedom to live in a place that makes us happy.

I hope you some day learn that a half-empty glass never satisfies.

Carlene Erickson

Sweet Home