B&G Club financial goal is attainable


For the past seven months I have spent time learning the organization, talking with the community about the club and managing necessary changes in the programs to fit the needs of those who used it.

In my talks with the community, past and present, they were asking for two things: better structure around our after school and athletic programs and information regarding where their money goes as it relates to our Sweet Home Club.

Today we have an amazing after-school program in which kids are safe, having fun, being fed and cared for, and learning basic social and life skills during their time at the club. We have made changes to maximize the positive impact our club has on these children by using a model that has proven very effective in clubs throughout Oregon.

Our athletics program is in transition and the Athletic Director position will be filled once we get through this critical point.

We are currently putting together a team of volunteers to work with our interim AD to maximize our resources and efforts for our upcoming baseball season.

We would like the community to note that the club is planning to provide its standard athletic programs, including baseball, regardless of the after-school program. If you are planning to register your child for spring or summer sports, please be mindful of the deadlines.

Because the Boys & Girls Club is a community organization, we want to ensure we are meeting your expectations. If you have questions or would like to know more, we are open from 8 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 to 6 on Friday.

Come in and take a tour! You can drop in or set up a time by calling the Club at (541) 367-6421. We would love to show you what’s new and talk with you about all the great things we are doing for kids.

The numbers that were shared last week concerning where Sweet Home donors’ money was going brought up a lot of questions, concerns and mixed feelings.

The intent of that information was only to show the facts determined by the CPA, which was the need to raise more money from our community to cover the expenses of our club.

Our long-time donors have continued to stay faithful in giving, but they need the help of the rest of our community to fill the gap.

The funding needed to reach our deadline of Feb. 28 is $40,000, with an additional $80,000 in pledged funds for the year. This, along with the money raised from our traditional fund-raising events, will provide enough to sustain our club for the current year.

We can attain this goal and keep our club open if we all pull together and together we can continue to give these kids the attention and care they deserve.

Please donate today and join our “ASK3” Challenge by simply asking three other people to support their Boys & Girls Club by doing the same. These children are depending on you.

We can do this!

Dave Bauer, director

Boys and Girls Club

of the South Santiam

Sweet Home Branch