Bible has answers that U.S. ignores


The late Peter Marshall, chaplain of the U.S. Senate, tells of a village that grew up below a mountain range.

Up in the hills above the village was an old man he calls “the Keeper of the Springs,” who cleaned the muck, sludge and slime from the springs that fed the city’s water supply.

The city fathers saw the salary of this old man in the budget and decided they could save money by eliminating it. Nothing seemed to change, for a time, until the accumulated filth caused sickness and eventually shut down the wheels of industry. In the story, the city dads recognized their error and restored the old gent to his former employment, saving the city.

In our country, we have methodically removed the teaching of pure Judeo-Christian ethics from the public sector and replaced it with the slime of secularism.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, we have 56 million cases of incurable viral sexually transmitted disease in the United States and 13 million new cases of VD annually.

Jubilee, the newsletter of Prison Fellowship, tells us that our prison population is about 2.2 million and expected to rise by 192,000 in the next five years. We are bleeding to death as a nation on Wall Street, having raised a whole generation without a moral compass.

In reality, we know what works but lack the moral courage to restore what worked. For 20 years, Chuck Colson’s group, Prison Fellowship, has worked in Humaita Prison in Brazil. They have religious signs and symbols everywhere, daily chapel services and mentoring of inmates by Christian families.

Only two staff members are needed to oversee 750 inmates, and for the past 20 years, only 4 percent of offenders released from Humaita have been rearrested.

In America, 62.5 percent of all ex-prisoners are rearrested within a mere three years of release. (April 1995 Jubilee Newsletter)

Colson asked the head of the Prison Project of the American Civil Liberties Union what he would do if they tried to start a project like that in the United States. His answer: “I’d sue you, of course.”

When I was in the second grade in Sweet Home public school in 1944, Miss Steinbacher, our teacher, used to start each school day by reading an appropriate verse to the class out of the Bible. She would then offer a brief prayer, and we stood up to salute the flag.

Back then, we didn’t know how really terrible that was to maybe force that on some poor defenseless little child. I’m being facetious here. Calling immoral behavior by a different name doesn’t make it moral, and obviously, it doesn’t erase the consequences.

In our schools, we intimidated Christian teachers, teach moral relativism and excuse immorality. No prayer. No Bible. How much are we willing to pay to appease a misguided secular minority?

“If my people will ________, then I will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14) Curious? Look it up.

David Crane

Ellensburg, Wash.