Blessed to live in great small town


I feel so blessed to live in Sweet Home, Oregon. Where else can you live where:

n If you need prayer go to a drive through coffee shop; thank you, Angie.

n If you need an item and can’t find it, Lester’s will call around for you.

n You can find one of the best and friendly hardware stores in town; that would be Hoy’s.

n You can not only find what you need, but get it at a discount and someone to install it for you, and for a very reasonable price, Thank you, Scott at South River saw.

n Three people are dedicated to find you the product you need. Thank you, Foster Mall.

n You can find every type of restaurant willing and ready to serve you, The Point has wonderful food and great service. Mexican food, pizza, Italian food, Korean, Chinese – not to mention every type of fast food that you could want.

n You can find a video store that also features a local artist gift shop and friendly service. Look, they have moved to Main Street. Wow, the place looks great. Thanks, Kathy and Doug.

n We have at least two great competitive grocery stores and a wonderful health food store where Brandi will go out of her way to get you the product you need.

n We have gas stations galore; have you noticed the wonderful guy, Steve at the Union station, whose sweetest smile will make your day?

n We have two very nice high- quality second-hand stores. I thank you, Nancy, for all the hard work you do on behalf of our town.

n You can love the home town attitude at the feed store and the nursery is a blessing to all who love plants. Great job.

n You can just drive through downtown and see all the wonderful work done by volunteers adorning the main street with flowers.

Yes, even the city manager gets his hand in the dirt. Good job and I thank you so much.

n You can find a church of every denomination and Dan Dee Sales will give you direction to any one of them, along with selling you all type of sports equipment, guns, knives, and yes, even shoes.

Great place to shop.

n You can find enough bars and taverns that you should never lack for entertainment of one type of another.

n There are so many people and businesses that make up our small community, it seems a shame that you should ever have to leave town to find what you need.

It would be impossible to mention them all.

So please shop locally before going out of town, chances are you will find what you need or they will tell you where you can find it.

Last, but not least, a great little newspaper that still believes in the freedom of the press and encourages all of you to write a letter expressing your opinion.

Thank you, New Era.

Jeani West

Sweet Home