BLM not what it appears to be


Many people think “Black Lives Matter” is a slogan, an ideal, or a grassroots movement.

Dig deeper: BLM is a political organization with eight figures of funding and a hardcore left-wing policy agenda. BLM is a Marxist political organization funded by dark-money (white) socialist billionaires and “conscience-laundering” corporations that want to hold on to the Deep State action or further their “hip” or “chic” facade and pass the “cool comrade credentialing” media inspection.

Write it down: BLM’s Marxist ideology includes “liberation” politics, transgenderism and violence that far exceeds criticizing excessive use of force by police officers.

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of BLM, is on record speaking for all three key founders: “We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories.”

Karl Marx himself taught their violent methods, starting with their attack on history in these words: “Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily destroyed.”

Those who join with BLM are partners in destruction. With Marxists, the issue is never the issue. The only issue is the revolution. That is a key reason why they never partner for solutions.

George Orwell wrote in “1984”: “Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past, which had not been merely altered, it had been actually destroyed…Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

 Today’s compromised media have been harnessed and steered into scripted brainwashing. Destruction is BLM’s goal, starting with the past and continuing to include family structure, property, economics, law and order and representative government: “The goal of socialism is communism,” said Vladimir Lenin.

 The BLM website uses the word “comrades” to describe a new order: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and villages that collectively care for one another.”

These radicals have no belief that an intact family, personal property, personal wealth, and achievement are healthy rights. So, your property, possessions and accomplishments mean nothing to them, regardless of your skin color. That’s where you get their riot statements that it’s nothing for a store or person’s business or home to be destroyed.

 What we see now is a well-funded re-enactment of the script that recently sank Venezuela, and before that Cuba, China, North Korea and Russia, to name only a few. They are destroying Confederate monuments and they do not plan on stopping there.

“During the French Revolution there were attacks on statues. Of course, that devolved into attacks on people,” notes Jarrett Stepman, author of “The War on History.”

Seriously, BLM and their cohorts are spreading a far more serious virus than COVID-19; it is a wicked plague that kills life, liberty, economics, peace and social order by spreading division, hatred for and rejection of family structure, gender, personal responsibility and property, all laws based on the Ten Commandments given us by the Lawgiver Himself.

It is time for those of us who value these things to stand in the evil day.

Pete Ready