Border shouldn’t be Guard’s problem


In regards to Adrianne Shreves’ reply to my letter to the editor dated July 18, 2007, I thank you, Captain, for the protection you give the legal Americans. My son returned from his third duty in Iraq. He was stationed down in Yuma, Ariz. Part of his job when he got back was to monitor the borders.

You have the right to your opinion, which United States gives us. My feelings are that the National Guard should only be a short fix. These people have to leave their jobs and families.

That’s why I feel strongly that a Minuteman or Minutewoman should be down protecting our borders.

In my opinion, they should fire all the border patrol men (with the exception of the two who are being sent to prison for doing the job that all border patrol should be doing). The reason for firing the others is simple: They have let over 12 million illegals into this country.

My son told me a story of a “border patrol” man who was finally fired. He would allow illegals to come in and was paid very well. He would even come in on his days off and bring more across. So excuse me for wanting to fire them all.

This is what our so-called border patrol is doing and should be told to all.

Remember, it was the Minutemen who started all the publicity of how to correctly patrol. They are people who are investigated. My husband is a part of this organization. He has offered to fly over the areas with his own plane.

Unfortunately, his job, which provides income, has to come first. But we both fought hard against the Bush and Kennedy bill. We contacted every senator in almost every state on a daily basis, letting them know how fed up we are and I am proud to say we were part of this stopping of the amnesty bill.

We also let President Bush know that he is a disgrace to the Republican Party.

So you have the right to your opinion, I am just trying to figure out another solution so that these Guardsmen and Guardswomen can return to their families and the jobs that I am sure pay more than what they are making being down there. They need to be on hand here in our state, protecting us.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home