Boys beat Woodburn in water polo; girls fall 9-2

Sweet Home’s boys took a forfeit waterpolo win over Woodburn, Friday after the Bulldogs were unable to field a full team, but in a five-on-five scrimmage, the Huskies still won 11-10.

“As I predicted, their team has improved a lot, as ours has, since the beginning of the season,” Coach Craig Martin said. “It would have been interesting because we matched up evenly with the five players we had out in the pool.”

On the girls side, the Huskies were able to field a full squad for the second time this season, but the fact that they had three brand new player sin the water showed as the visitors took a 9-2 victory.

“We only had five girls pretty much throughout the season, and though the three new ones we’ve gotten have worked real hard, they just need more time in practice and in games to be able to help us out,” Martin said. “The Woodburn girls have been playing together as a team throughout the season. That pretty much showed up. Our newer players just don’t have the experience yet to match up.”

Niccole Simmonds scored both goals for the Huskies.

Sweet Home’s final home game will be Wednesday, Oct. 21, against Corvallis. The girls will play at 4 p.m. and the boys at 5.